Digital Graphic, Music


Artist Statement

"Talking about love through music"

Music has existed by our side throughout the ages. It can be a moment and it can also be everything. In this way, music touches our souls. If someone can fully possess music, then music would become a “story”. 

In this work, which is based on DAEUN and YOUJIN’s love narrative, we composed our music by reflecting on moments in our relationships and visualized the score. We broke the frame of the existing form of the musical score, letting it express love based on the meaning and morphological characteristics of musical signs.

The work was conceived based on the idea that “tone” could not be simply transmitted by sound, but by voice, and by words. The five points of the score become the path through which we loved and were loved, and numerous symbols and notes show the images of love we have lived.

In this way, we want to express the love of Youjin and Daeun through the musical score. Just as the love between the two is unique, we all experience love in unique ways, and each of our relationships’ scores could be made. Each one of us has a musical score inside of our heart. Looking forward to you sharing your score.

   *Please move all the notes, and make your own path of love.


          When we were young and shining bright,
          We met.

02 TALKING       

          Days go by, we grew up,
          and we found each other again.

03 EMPTY         

          The times I found my way back to my true self.


          Trapped inside myself, over and over again.

05 THERE           

          Thinking of the moment we first met.
          We were always there.


          All we do is just walk over the sea,
          and catch the stars in the sky.       
          There is nothing more to do.

01 WAITING         

          I don't know what I'm expecting or waiting for.
         Am I waiting for you? or myself?
         or... just a romantic relationships? 

02 TALKING       

         By talking and even arguing,
         we get to know each other.

03 HUGGING     

         Sometimes, a hug means I love you,
         Sometimes, a hug means everything will be okay.
         And sometimes a hug means goodbye.

04 WALKING     

         Two of us were walking down the street,
         while sharing our hearts to come closer.

05 SILENT           

         Sometimes silence could be an answer.


         There's something that separates us.
         It could be a person, or it could be a feeling.

About Artists

We have known each other for a long time. Now, we are trying to rediscover the meaning of the memories passing through us in the form of music.