Would you like to travel to the planet of love?
There are as many forms of love on earth as there are people.
Love for your family, love for the environment and animals, love for yourself.
Love for the seasons, for lovers, for friends, and LGBTQ love...

What is love? How can we define love?
We are sometimes bewildered by the countless objects and manifestations of love.

In the midst of the chaos, nine artists have found their own unique answers.
Sending a signal of light, a "halo,"
Inviting you to the galaxy of ________ .

A halo is a ring of light that surrounds a star.
At first glance, it is a line separating the inside from the outside.
We often draw boundaries and demarcate regions in this way in our daily lives,
Such as, “ I’m not like you,” or “They’re not like us.”
And we police the boundary between what is love and what is not.

Halo light seeps through the boundaries and tells us:
“Boundaries are not built or destroyed, but spread out like a wave of light.”
When a star's own light spreads out from the halo and slowly penetrates all around it,
your very own planet will be revealed.

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